Friday, December 28, 2007

Flytech RC Dragon Fly Review!

I don't know how many of you like radio controlled toys, hobby grade or Walmart grade.
They don't have to be from walmart exactly but from any store, Toys R Us, Target or wherever.

Anyway I love radio controlled toys and own several of them. The one I want to talk about today is the radio controlled dragon fly from flytech. I think I payed 45 dollars for mine. They can be found cheaper online or in stores if you catch them on sale.

I was not really to sure of what to expect from this toy but like everyone should do I researched it on google before making the decision to buy it. I also like to browse rc forums such as They usually contain hundreds of posts from poeple who have used certain toys. They discuss pros, cons, and modifications to make the toy even more enjoyable. The particular thread that I have been reading can be found by clicking this link.

Rc Groups Dragon Fly Thread

There are a few things I personally think could have been made a little different on this toy.

First the battery is really small for the size of the toy and the power needed to keep it air born however it does fly and for a somewhat good amount of time. I would like to see it up in the air for an additional 5 minutes. Stock it has about 8 minutes of flight time. The Mini XPV that I have stay up for aobut 15 minutes although it has a much greater charge time than most of my toys.

The other thing I am not too happy with about the dragon fly it that it porpoises way to much. You can kind of use throttle control to make it fly a little more level but for the most part it requires full throttle to stay air born.

Those are pretty much the only things I do not like about the dragon fly. Other than that I think it is a wonder full flying toy. If you would like to see them in action just head on over to and do a search for rc dragon fly. You will be sure to find tons of videos of them flying around.

And the last thing I don't enjoy about the dragon fly is that it has a hard time flying left. I really do not know why and maybe they all do not suffer from this.

Now how easy is the dragon fly to use? For me it was pretty easy. I have flown many rc toys so far. If you have no prior experience do not worry. It should only take you 3-5 charges to get the hang of it. It comes with a ribbon to place on the tail to help stabilize it and slow down flight for beginners. It also has a beginner and expert mode. The only thing that really does is change the maximum speed of the tail rotor for steering but it does help when you are just starting out.

Overall I would recommend this toy. It is a blast to fly or even watch fly. It is so unique. I have never flown or saw anything like it. And with several small and easy modifications you can make it fly a lot better. The first one I want to try is putting a higher capacity lipo battery in it. It comes stock with a 50mah Lipo. The same ones used in Airhogs Havoc Helis. I have a bunch of those and they are a blast as well.

So if you choose to buy one based on this post then great, I hope you have fun with it and I am sorry if you do not. This is my first review on anything ever so there may be a better way I could have wrote it up. Let me know if you have any tips.

I will have some images uploaded a little later today or tomarrow. Pictures of the packaging and such.

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