Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Arduino Clone


Naren Blogs said...

Hi is this Indruino. What is the cost of it. where did you get it.

The How To Guy said...

This is the Arduino UNO. The latest version of the Arduino. This one is a clone meaning its made in hong kong using cheaper parts. It functions exactly as an official arduino.

The genuine Arduinos are made in Italy and are much better quality.

I purchased the clone as part of a starter kit on eBay for $65. It came with a ton of other electronic components and wires.

I also have a genuine Arduino UNO I purchased from eBay for $35.

Searching eBay with the keyword "Arduino" should bring up plenty of places to buy it.

There's a few sites that sell it as well. The guy who sold me the genuine Arduino has a site. It is has a lot of cool stuff as well.

The How To Guy said...

This sounds like what you were asking about. It's called "induino" it's an Indian made arduino clone with some added features. Costs less than a genuine arduino from what I read. Here's a link to the manufacturers page for the induino.

My phone won't let me paste the link.

The How To Guy said...