Thursday, November 10, 2011

Favicon Design

Who would like to design the Favicon for this blog? I would love to make it a contest but im afraid that I have nothing to give away as a prize. I will be designing a temporary Favicon for the blog but I figured that I could leave it up to my viewers to design and decide which favicon wins and will be the official Random How To favicon. Once your image is made, it needs to be sized to 57px x 57px and saved as a .PNG file at 72dpi. Name the file apple-touch-icon.png and email it to me. Once the favicon is finished and applied to my blog it will have a home screen icon for Iphone users when they add my site as a bookmark to their home screen. If you like the idea of this please let me know in the comments and if you have anything to submit please send it to me via email at Subject: Favicon Random How To so that I can easily spot the submission in all of my other emails. I hope to get some submissions coming up int he next few days or weeks. I cant wait to see what you all send me. Thanks and Good Luck!

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