Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Analytics Problems....

So the past week according to Google Analytics my visits have dropped from almost 200 a day to ZERO.
I know that one day people did not just stop searching the web for laser tutorials and stop visiting my blog. What I don't know is what happened.

If any bloggers out there have run in to similar issues real recently let me know in a comment below. Also, if you managed to fix it let me know what you did.

More than likely the problem is because of my own error. I just don't know if blogger or google changed anything.

Analytics says that it is receiving data from my blog and everything is okay so I really have no clue on this one. I never really dug to deep into Analytics to know how it all works. It told me what I needed to know at the time and that was how many hits a day my blog was getting.  Now I wish I took the time to read and learn more. Reading is very important when it comes to just about anything you want to learn.

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